20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes

20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes

20 Funny Happy Birthday Memes


Long long gone are the times of making a song telegrams and Hallmark playing cards. Nowadays, the best strategy to greet your circle of relatives, pals, and social media contacts is via posting a humorous birthday meme to their Facebook timeline or social media of selection. The extra hilarious and irreverent, the easier.

Of route, it’s no longer sufficient to only select any Happy Birthday meme. It’s necessary to discover a meme that most closely fits the birthday celebrant. Is the birthday boy or woman a Walking Dead enthusiast? Exercise junkie? Trump supporter or anti? Dog or cat individual?

Scroll thru our assortment and notice if you’ll be able to in finding that absolute best meme for your beloved. It’s well worth the effort to make other folks giggle on their very big day.

Dive in!

1Just right here for the cake

2Happy Birthday from the Prez

threePretty Pretty Pretty Good

fourMore Trump BB Wishes

fiveFor the workout fanatic

6Chinese HBD

7Happy Birthday Greeting meme

eightBarack Obama Happy Birthday Meme

nineThe reluctant HBD greeting

10Scary Happy Birthday meme

11Greetings for older celebrants

12Crazy birthday greeting

13Surprised birthday greeting meme

14Baby meme

15Party pooper birthday meme

16Wet and wild birthday meme

17Hey woman birthday meme

18Puppy satisfied birthday meme

19MASH Happy Birthday

20Star Trek Happy Birthday Meme