24 Uproariously Funny Chuck Norris Memes

24 Uproariously Funny Chuck Norris Memes

24 Uproariously Funny Chuck Norris Memes


If staring at motion motion pictures is your strong point, then those Chuck Norris memes will without a doubt give your abdomen a exercise!

Chuck Norris is a legend amongst males. An actor and martial artist with decades-long revel in, Chuck Norris is well known within the leisure industry. However, it’s no longer what catapulted him to “legend” standing. It’s those larger-than-life jokes in regards to the guy.

Ever heard of Chuck Norris information? If you guys are nonetheless naive of the way superior Chuck Norris is, then you definately guys are in for a deal with!

1Chuck Norris Can Cut Through A Hot Knife

2Chuck Norris Has Been To Mars

threeHow To Tie A Knot

fourChuck Norris’s Tears Cure Cancer

fiveChuck Norris Threw A Grenade

6Chuck Norris Was Here

7Chuck’s Gmail Account

eightDeath Once Had A Near-Chuck Experience

nineGuns Carry Him

10“I’m Sorry, You Have The Wrong Number”


12Jesus Can Walk On Water

13Kills 50 People With Gun

14Lightning Doesn’t Strike Chuck Norris

15Once Dug A Hole

16Once Killed A Man

17Step On Lego

18The Flu Has To Get

19There Is No Theory Of Evolution

20When Chuck Norris Misspells A Word

21When Chuck Norris Was Born

22When I Slice Onions

23When I Stare At The Sun

24When Nature Calls