25 Hilarious After Leg Day Meme

25 Hilarious After Leg Day Meme

25 Hilarious After Leg Day Meme


Friends, have you ever heard of an “after Leg Day meme”?

If you’re a fitness center junkie, then you know the way we paintings positive muscle teams on a rotating foundation. Thus, we’ve got a chest day, an arm day, and sure, a leg day. On leg days, we do workout routines that figure out the legs. Squats are a main instance of workout routines for leg day.

Now, there’s a working gag about leg days and the way other folks typically skip it. The reality is, leg exercise days is without doubt one of the toughest and maximum painful. There are even heaps of posts at the Internet telling other folks why they will have to NOT skip leg days.

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So for the ones of you who face Leg Days immediately on, the rigors and positive factors of leg exercises that folks really feel the following day deserve a excellent set of snickers. Check out those humorous after-Leg-Day memes.

Me After Leg Day

Before Leg Day

Day After Leg Day

Dear Sweet Baby Jesus…

Dibs On The Stair Lift

When You Drop Something After Leg Day

How I Feel On Leg Day

How My Legs Feel The Morning After Leg Day

Just Trained Legs

Leg Day Got Me Looking Like

Legs After Leg Day

If You Drive A Manual After Leg Day

One Does Not Simply

Sir, Have You Been Drinking?

Sitting On The Toilet

Sore After Leg Day?

Day After Leg Day

Taking A Selfie

Day After Leg Day

Trying To Do Cardio

Trying To Get In Your Car

Walking The Dog

What If

What You Really Need…

When I Woke Up N Felt My Legs