30 Technology Quotes on Progress, Innovation, and Future Flying Cars

30 Technology Quotes on Progress, Innovation, and Future Flying Cars


Technology, giving the arena the growth it wishes so other people can clap their arms after they need to flip on the lighting fixtures.

The innovation in generation over time has given humanity the considerable method to adapt. From the web to smartphones to solar-powered automobiles, we’ve no doubt come some distance from when the sunshine bulb was once invented within the past due 19th century.

But as astounding as those technological improvements are, there additionally comes the query of whether or not it slowly erases our values and each and every facet that fuels our humanity.

For each and every generation created, whether or not it’s capitalism-driven or just made to give a boost to other people’s lives, comes the danger of dropping our human essence within the procedure. Considering our divided sentiments on each its significance and risks, generation can overtly be a double-edged sword. In the top, it’s as much as us to maximise on its benefits.

Here are 30 generation quotes that might mirror your perspectives on the arena’s technological milestones.

You by no means alternate issues through preventing the prevailing truth. To alternate one thing, construct a brand new style that makes the prevailing style out of date. – Buckminster Fuller

The iPod totally modified the way in which other people method track. – Karl Lagerfeld

Our generation forces us to are living mythically. – Marshall McLuhan

technology live quotes

The check of the device is the pride it offers you. There isn’t some other check. If the device produces tranquility it’s proper. If it disturbs you it’s improper till both the device or your thoughts is modified. – Robert M. Pirsig

A CD. How old fashioned. We have those in museums. – Eoin Colfer

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One device can do the paintings of 50 odd males. No device can do the paintings of 1 peculiar guy. – Elbert Hubbard

All this contemporary generation simply makes other people attempt to do the whole lot without delay. – Bill Watterson

Any sufficiently complex generation is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

technology magic quotes

Devices don’t seem to be unhealthy for literature. People will also be unhealthy for literature. People, for instance, who don’t learn. – László Krasznahorkai

All of the most important technological innovations created through guy – the plane, the auto, the pc – says little about his intelligence, however speaks volumes about his laziness. – Mark Kennedy

It’s meant to be computerized, however in reality you must push this button. – John Brunner

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Technological growth has simply equipped us with extra environment friendly method for going backwards. – Aldous Huxley

Computers are unnecessary. They can handiest come up with solutions. – Pablo Picasso

It’s nonetheless magic despite the fact that you know the way it’s finished. – Terry Pratchett

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I feel that novels that pass over generation misrepresent lifestyles as badly as Victorians misrepresented lifestyles through leaving out intercourse. – Kurt Vonnegut

It has turn into appallingly glaring that our generation has exceeded our humanity. – Albert Einstein

Just as a result of one thing doesn’t do what you deliberate it to do doesn’t imply it’s unnecessary. – Thomas Edison

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You can’t endow even the most productive device with initiative; the jolliest steamroller is not going to plant flora. – Walter Lippmann

We are caught with generation when what we actually need is simply stuff that works. – Douglas Adams

The nice fantasy of our occasions is that generation is conversation. – Libby Larsen

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Technology made huge populations conceivable; huge populations now make generation indispensable. – Joseph Krutch

This is the entire level of generation. It creates an urge for food for immortality on the only hand. It threatens common extinction on the opposite. Technology is lust got rid of from nature. – Don DeLillo

Technology is a phrase that describes one thing that doesn’t paintings but. – Douglas Adams

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The actual risk isn’t that computer systems will start to suppose like males, however that males will start to suppose like computer systems. – Sydney Harris

Humanity is obtaining the entire proper generation for the entire improper causes. – R. Buckminster Fuller

Technology is the rest that wasn’t round whilst you have been born. – Alan Kay

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If we proceed to increase our generation with out knowledge or prudence, our servant would possibly end up to be our executioner. – Omar Bradley

The human spirit should succeed over generation. – Albert Einstein

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Even the generation that guarantees to unite us, divides us. Each people is now electronically hooked up to the globe, and but we really feel totally on my own. – Dan Brown

Before you turn into too entranced with stunning units and enchanting video shows, let me remind you that knowledge isn’t wisdom, wisdom isn’t knowledge, and knowledge isn’t foresight. Each grows out of the opposite, and we’d like all of them. – Arthur C. Clarke

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