30 Fake History Memes Featuring Spongebob Squarepants

30 Fake History Memes Featuring Spongebob Squarepants


History lecturers are without end seeking to make historical past extra attention-grabbing. Well, Redditors did one thing proper after they began on Fake History memes.

It’s attention-grabbing how vignettes and scenes from the long-lasting caricature Spongebob Squarepants had been became pivotal moments in historical past. Just like actual historic pictures, there are even colorized or black and white footage.

Check out those Fake History memes and notice your favourite Bikini Bottom characters as historic figures.

Hiroshima Bombing

fake history atomic blast memes

Pearl Harbor

fake history battle stations memes

Billy The Kid

fake history billy the kid memes

Black Tuesday

fake history black tuesday memes

Battle Of Passchendaele

fake history canadian memes

Captured American Fighter Pilot

fake history captured american fighter memes

The Charge Of The Light Brigade

fake history charge of the light brigade memes

Heartbreaking Tragedy

fake history columbine highschool memes

Frail Jewish Woman

fake history frail jewish women memes

Second Battle Of Ypres

fake history french jeep driver memes

German Scientists

fake history german scientists memes

The Punch

fake history harry houdini memes

The Hindenburg

fake history hindenburg settle memes


fake history hitler memes

A German And American Soldier

fake history horrors of war memes

Aftermath Of Brutal Japanese Banzai Charge

fake history japanese banzai charge memes

President John F. Kennedy

fake history john f kennedy memes

Liberation Of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

fake history liberation of auschwitz memes

Onlookers Of The Lynching

fake history lynching memes

A Japanese Soldier

fake history m4 sherman tank memes

Neil Armstrong And Edwin Buzz Aldrin

fake history one small step for men memes

Pablo Escobar And His Wife

fake history pablo escobar memes

Attack At Pearl Harbor

fake history pearl harbor memes

The Red Guard

fake history red guard memes

Rare Picture Of Stalin’s Reaction

fake history stalin memes

Tired Of Losing So Many Of His Men

fake history sergeant tentacles memes

The Beatles

fake history the beatles memes

A Vietnamese Farmer

fake history vietnamese farmer memes

Vladimir Lenin

fake history vladimir lenin memes

War To End All Wars

fake history war to end all wars memes

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