30 C.S. Lewis Quotes on Profound Love and Faith

30 C.S. Lewis Quotes on Profound Love and Faith


These 30 C.S. Lewis quotes could also be what you want if you’re feeling such as you’re missing hope and course.

British creator C.S. Lewis is highest identified for his fictional works that come with The Screwtape Letters, The Chronicles of Narnia, and The Space Trilogy. Prior to his writing occupation, he held instructional posts at Oxford University and Cambridge University between the 1920s and 1960s. Lewis was once an in depth pal of The Lord of the Rings creator J.R.R. Tolkien.

During his 30s, he turned into a layman for the Church of England after falling clear of his religion throughout his teenagers, bringing up Tolkien and his different pals as affect. His go back to Anglicanism impressed his non-fiction Christian books Mere Christianity, Miracles, and The Problem of Pain.

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In his lifetime, Lewis wrote over 30 books and have since offered tens of millions of copies. The Chronicles of Narnia, particularly, gained recognition on an international scale. These been tailored for TV, degree, and films.

His religion considerably influenced his paintings, which is why his philosophical writings are a great deal cited by means of Christians from a number of denominations. During the conflict, his radio proclaims on Christianity earned him a lot admire and reward.

Here are 30 C.S. Lewis quotes on how love and religion feed the soul.

Friendship is born at that second when one particular person says to any other: What! You too? I believed I used to be the one one. – C.S. Lewis

I imagine in Christianity as I imagine that the solar has risen: now not most effective as a result of I see it, however as a result of by means of it I see the entirety else. – C.S. Lewis

True humility isn’t considering much less of your self; it’s considering of your self much less. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis humility quotes

A kids’s tale that may most effective be loved by means of kids isn’t a excellent kids’s tale within the slightest. – C.S. Lewis

You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a frame. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis soul quotes

If we discover ourselves with a want that not anything on this international can fulfill, essentially the most possible clarification is that we have been made for any other international. – C.S. Lewis

Friendship makes no sense, like philosophy, like artwork…. It has no survival worth; slightly it’s a type of issues which offer worth to survival. – C.S. Lewis

We are what we imagine we’re. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis believe quotes

I’ve discovered now that whilst those that talk about one’s miseries normally harm, those that stay silence harm extra. – C.S. Lewis

You can by no means get a cup of tea sufficiently big or a e book lengthy sufficient to fit me. – C.S. Lewis

Some day you’ll be sufficiently old to begin studying fairy stories once more. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis fairy tales quotes

What attracts folks to be pals is they see the similar reality. They proportion it. – C.S. Lewis

Do now not let your happiness rely on one thing you might lose. – C.S. Lewis

There are a ways, a ways higher issues forward than any we depart in the back of. – C.S. Lewis

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Mental ache is much less dramatic than bodily ache, however it’s extra commonplace and additionally extra onerous to endure. The common try to cover psychological ache will increase the weight: it’s more uncomplicated to mention “My tooth is aching” than to mention “My center is damaged. – C.S. Lewis

God permits us to revel in the low issues of lifestyles with a purpose to train us courses that shall we be informed in no opposite direction. – C.S. Lewis

Adventures are by no means a laugh when you’re having them. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis adventures quotes

If you search for reality, you might to find convenience after all; in case you search for convenience you’ll now not get both convenience or reality most effective comfortable cleaning soap and wishful considering to start, and after all, melancholy. – C.S. Lewis

Don’t use phrases too giant for the topic. Don’t say infinitely while you imply very; in a different way you’ll don’t have any phrase left when you wish to have to speak about one thing truly endless. – C.S. Lewis

Love is one thing extra stern and superb than mere kindness. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis love quotes

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the exact same tale which is written throughout the entire international in letters too huge for a few of us to peer. – C.S. Lewis

You by no means know the way a lot you truly imagine anything else till its reality or falsehood turns into a question of lifestyles and demise to you. – C.S. Lewis

Education with out values, as helpful as it’s, turns out slightly to make guy a extra suave satan. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis education quotes

When we lose one blessing, any other is regularly maximum rapidly given instead. – C.S. Lewis

Hardship regularly prepares an abnormal particular person for an abnormal future. – C.S. Lewis

Do now not allow us to mistake vital evils for excellent. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis evils quotes

Love isn’t affectionate feeling, however a gradual want for the liked particular person’s final excellent so far as it may be acquired. – C.S. Lewis

If you like deeply, you’re going to get harm badly. But it’s nonetheless price it. – C.S. Lewis

cs lewis hurt quotes

You are by no means too previous to set any other purpose, or to dream a brand new dream. – C.S. Lewis

The long term is one thing which everybody reaches on the fee of sixty mins an hour, no matter he does, whoever he’s. – C.S. Lewis

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