25 Birth Inducing Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Laugh

25 Birth Inducing Pregnancy Memes That Will Make You Laugh


Pregnancy. Either you are going to like it otherwise you simply wish to get it over with. You simply gotta take care of too many stuff unexpectedly. For nine months, it is important to take care of unending weight achieve, cravings, nausea and other people at all times short of to pat rub your tummy such as you’re some fortunate cat.

But till your water breaks, we were given you. Just scroll via those being pregnant meme assortment and chortle on your middle’s content material.

And I’m Ok

I’m professional

I will relate to you honey!

Loving Myself is a lifeline

Googled “New Mom”

World’s became the other way up

I wish to be a buritto

It’s as simple as 123

I’m sorry that wasn’t me speaking

I’m peachy

Glowing like a Blowfish

I’m excused for nine months

What quantity would this be?

A girl’s gotta do what a lady’s gotta do

Sneezed in my pants

Pregnancy Symptoms

These Sweatpants

Third Trimester

Wasn’t me.

It’s been some time.

Naming my kid Honey…glazed.

Let’s Get It

Can I’ve a Donut Cocktail?

You’re Still A Rockstar

Is there the rest I will do to make your existence more straightforward?

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