25 Amazon Memes For Anybody Who’s Ordered From Amazon

25 Amazon Memes For Anybody Who’s Ordered From Amazon


Hey, in case you’re no longer an Amazon consumer, then you definitely’re 1 p.c of the American inhabitants. Everybody and their moms have purchased no less than one merchandise from Amazon. Heck, even my digital assistant who lives in Alaska had one thing flown in from an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is an informal consumer’s blackhole. You pass in searching for a brownie tray and emerge hours later purchasing a neon crimson wig, an eyeball rigidity ball, unicorn meat, and a dozen different stuff you for sure don’t want and rarely need.

Check out the beneath and notice if you’ll be able to relate to an Amazon meme.

$30 Free Shipping

A Man Ordered A TV

Amazon Delivered My Package

Amazon Wish

Back In My Day

Basically A Yard Sale


Buy All This Stuff You Don’t Need

Here’s To Prime Day

I Got A New Job

I Need To Stop Buying

I Want Amazon Prime

Just Because We Sell Everything

My Yarn Is Here

So You’re Telling Me That

Thanks For Purchasing That Expensive Laptop

That Feeling When You Get Home

The Amazon Boxes On Your Porch

They Told Me I Could Be Anything

What Recycling Day Looks Like

When Amazon Says It Will Be There

When The Wife Finds Out

When You Order So Much

You Said You Weren’t Going To

You VS The Guy She Tells You

Did any Amazon meme make you pass, “Oh, that’s me!”?

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