20 Statue Memes That’ll Crack You Up

20 Statue Memes That’ll Crack You Up


Statues? Normally we’d to find them creepy. What’s up with their unseeing eyes? They glance bizarre. Maybe they transfer within the night time?

These statue memes are making us consider carefully about statues even though. Some statues are a large thriller what with their extraordinary facial expressions or frame contortions. However, it’s thriller solved thank you to those statue memes.

Have amusing and experience!


All The Single Ladies

The Global Warming Effect

Let’s Geddit

Total Makeover

If I Wasn’t Made Of Stone

I Fix The Statue

I Hate My Job

I’m Not Really A Statue

Oh Look, A Penny!

So What Do You Want

The Suspense

The New Ronaldo Statue

There Are So Many Marbleous Statues

Hang On A Sec

Death By Flattery

Keith Urban Lookalike

When You’re Already Done Breastfeeding

Why Does This Sculpture Look Like

You Call This Vodka?

Now check out a statue you cross by means of paintings or possibly a statue to your place of job development. What humorous statue meme are you able to make out of it?

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