20 Funny Sales Memes That People In Sales Can Relate To

20 Funny Sales Memes That People In Sales Can Relate To


If you’re a part of a gross sales crew or paintings in Marketing, you’ll unquestionably admire a humorous gross sales meme.

Sales is among the maximum demanding jobs. Sales other people frequently shaggy dog story round to distract themselves from the nagging considered achieving gross sales goals and appearing quarterly experiences. Here is a choice of humorous gross sales memes that individuals in gross sales can relate to.

Share your favorites along with your colleagues and feature a just right snort. Remember ABC– Always be ultimate.

1One Does Not Simply

2The Prospect Said She Was Interested…

threeAsk Me To Make One More Cold Call

fourCross Selling

fiveI Got A Fever

6Sales Rep When Starting New Job

7Sales Team Assemble

eightShow Me The Money!!!!!!!

nineSnap Out Of It!

10Spartans Don’t Like Bad Data!

11That Look You Give

12The Face You Make

13There’s A Good Energy On The Sales Floor

14They Won’t Commit Boss!

15Well, That All Sales Email Escalated Quickly

16When I Overhear Someone

17When You Find Your Colleague

18When You Spend Ages On A Deal

19Who Says Sales Was Stressful?

2040 Hour Work Week

21You Want To “Sleep On It?”

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