20 Funny Cactus Juice Memes From Sokka

20 Funny Cactus Juice Memes From Sokka


The cactus juice scene in Avatar: The Last Airbender is relatively iconic. For the ones no longer within the know, Aang and his buddies finish up misplaced, thirsty, and hungry in a sprawling desolate tract with completely not anything in it. Out of desperation, Sokka spots a cactus and beverages the juice hiding inside. Needless to mention, it doesn’t somewhat finish rather well for him.

Hours later, and he’s nonetheless very under the influence of alcohol from cactus juice and is spouting hilariously dumb remarks one by one. Scroll down to peer some humorous memes starring Sokka’s favourite mind-bending juice!

When You’re Bloodbending A Jury

cactus juice bloodbending meme

Cactus Juice

cactus juice can quit meme

It Can’t Make Things Clearer

cactus juice cant make things clearer meme

Drink Cactus Juice

cactus juice chibi meme

Please Drink Responsibly

cactus juice drink responsibly meme

Hey I Just Drank Juice

cactus juice hey meme

The Best Part Of Waking Up

cactus juice in your cup meme

Cactus Juice

cactus juice individual experiences vary meme

Now Available In Your Local Drink Aisle

cactus juice low price meme

Cactus Juice

cactus juice makes the worst situation better meme

Not Sure If Sokka Is High Or Drunk

cactus juice not sure meme

Cactus Juice On The Moon

cactus juice on the moon meme

It’s The Quenchiest

cactus juice quenchiest meme

Rough Day At Work

cactus juice rough day meme

Sleep Deprivation

cactus juice sleep deprivation meme

Me Explaining Why Cactus Juice Sokka Is The Most Developed Character In The Show

cactus juice sokka meme

Sokka’s Review Of Cactus Juice

cactus juice sokkas review meme

Cactus Juice

cactus juice the best meme

When Someone Asks Why All The Memes Are Tintin

cactus juice tintin meme

Who Would Win

cactus juice who would win meme

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