18 Witty and Funny Disney Villain Memes That Will Make You LoL

18 Witty and Funny Disney Villain Memes That Will Make You LoL


From Ursula seeking to weasel her manner into getting your voice to Maleficent’s sarcastic remarks, you simply can’t lend a hand however roughly love those Disney villains. They are misunderstood characters who’ve both have self-confidence problems or was once handled unfairly after they have been younger.

No topic what it’s, something is needless to say, their dialogues are superb and their wit is exceptional. Imagine assembly them in actual lifestyles? Kinda frightening however superior proper? Now consider them as memes. Exactly! Intimidating but nonetheless humorous.

Have some laughs with us whilst we scroll via our choice of Disney villain memes!


1. Before The Sun Sets

2. I Always Wanted To Be A Disney Princess

three. Prince Not So Charming

four. If Disney Villains Were Smart

five. Character Development Gone Wrong

6. We Don’t Talk About Such Things

7. Hot Villain Alert

eight. Mirror, Mirror at the Wall

nine. RBF All Day

10. Please Consider Not Pausing

11. Signs That You’re A Disney Villain

12. A Faerie No Matter The Attitude Is Still A Fairy

13. He’s Different.

14. We’re Cool, Right?

16. I Grew It Myself

16. What Have You Got To Lose?

17. When You’re A Disney Villain however Worse

18. Tax Collection Sucks Even In Disney Movies

Did you revel in our liked villains’ humorous aspect? Go forward and proportion those memes together with your circle of relatives and buddies!

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