18 Therapist Memes That Can’t Hurt You

18 Therapist Memes That Can’t Hurt You


Don’t fear. It’s now not actual. They can’t harm you. 

So says the ones therapist memes. Sure, Jan. We’ve heard that ahead of.

If any of you’re going to a therapist, or you probably have relatively neurotic moments (don’t all of us, actually?), or have a chum who’s going into treatment, or perhaps even paintings as a therapist your self (what are the possibilities?!), those humorous memes will have to be really relatable to you.

Check out those hilarious therapist memes. We swear. They can’t harm you!

Therapist: Don’t Worry

He Made 2 Fat Jokes

How Does That Make You Feel?

Why Do You Have Trouble Sleeping

Me: I’m Fine

therapist meme

Walounicle Isn’t Real

I Texted Him Again

I’ve Had It With Him

Me Telling My Therapist

My Therapist Listening To Me

Tell Me Why You Can’t

Trying To Be Honest

Went To Therapist

What My Friends Think I Do

Therapist: What’s Wrong?

When I Stop Talking And Realize

Why Do You Have Such

You’ve Gotta Learn To Feel

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