18 Funny NCT Memes That Proves NCTzens Are Amazing

18 Funny NCT Memes That Proves NCTzens Are Amazing


NCT (Neo Culture Technology) used to be shaped via SM Entertainment on 2016. Lee Soo-Man coined the phrase NCT to explain the gang’s idea of getting limitless contributors with more than one sub-units which can be based totally in several portions of the arena.

Let’s take a look at this NCT meme assortment and to find out what NCTzens created to provide tribute to their “oppas”.

You’re Like A Brother To Me

brother nct meme

When You Feel Like Jaemin Personally Lessened His Coffee Intake For You
coffee nct meme

I Gotta Stay Cool
crush nct memeMe Describing Jaemin To Anyone Who Will Listen
describe nct memeWhen You Forgot To Study For An Exam
exam nct memeMe When My Mom Forces Me To Join My Cousin In A Picture
family nct memeMission Accomplished
gotcha nct memeWhen Your Hair Deserves All The Love And Attention
hair nct memeWhen You Are FanBoying And You Don’t Care
in love nct meme
Lucas Making Every NCTzen’s Heart Go UWU
my love nct memeDuring First Day Of Class
no interest nct memeLucas Hounding Lee Soo-Man Every Second
part nct memeWhen Jisung Actually Makes Sense
report card nct memeWhen You Love Your Mom But You’re Not In The Mood
smile nct memeHow My iNCTzen Brain Functions When I Sing “Paradise”
song nct memeMe After Binge-Watching Vlives for eight directly hours
sorry nct memeWhen You Realize You Will Most Likely Fail This Year
study nct memeWhen Your Bros Called And You Just Aced Your Exam
you called nct meme

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