15 Hodor Memes To Remember GOT’s Beloved Giant

15 Hodor Memes To Remember GOT’s Beloved Giant


Admit it, you shed a tear and even was once bawling out your eyes when Hodor died in Games of Throne’s sixth season. May 22, 2016 noticed one of the crucial saddest moments in GOT.

Wylis, as he was once merely recognized earlier than he changed into what he’s now, was once at all times dependable to Bran. He has been one of the crucial few innocents the tale had. His passing in episode five was once one of the crucial well-remembered and mentioned moments in GOT historical past.

However, other folks get better from surprise and disappointment and with this birthed the Hodor meme. We even have our personal Hodor meme assortment, have a look and experience.

Hodor Meme that Broke the Internet in fact

First, I Was..Then, I Was…

Had One Job

I Gotta Catch You


Let Me In

I’m Crying. Stop.

One Does Not Simply Do That

Your A-ha Moment

That’s A Nice Door

Hodor Knows What’s Going On

I See What You’re Saying Wylis

Being A Gentleman

Hodor Knows It All

You Know Nothing

I am hoping you loved our selection of expensive Hodor memes. Now, time so that you can percentage and make your circle of relatives take note our blameless massive.

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