15 Epic-Level The Revenant Memes

15 Epic-Level The Revenant Memes


If you’re in search of The Revenant memes, then you definitely will have to be partial to this 2015 epic film. Headlined by way of Leonardo DiCAprio and directed by way of Alejandro González Iñárritu, The Revenant is a extremely acclaimed paintings that gained many awards.

In the midst of the harrowing studies of Hugh Glass, many memes sprung up which confirmed two issues that actually made an impact on movie-goers. The first being the undergo, and the second one being the undergo. Okay, make Leonardo a runner-up.

Here are some humorous memes from The Revenant.

And The Oscar Goes To

Surprising Upset

Best Picture Nominee

Come On, Leo

Fish Impression

Get Up!

Good Job

I Ain’t Afraid

If Leo Got Through The Revenant

Interest Lost

The Ones You Love The Most

The Day Before Pay Day

The Revenant Bear

All Kill

Yeah I Do

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