15 Addictively Funny Stress Eating Memes

15 Addictively Funny Stress Eating Memes


Did you snigger at that pressure consuming meme you were given from a pal? Congratulations, you’re a small step clear of getting higher.

I was an enormous pressure eater. Thankfully, my DNA doesn’t permit the carbs and sugar to collect and wallow in distress right through my frame. Emotional consuming will also be induced by way of a large number of issues. Be satisfied, consume. Be unhappy, consume. Be offended, consume extra. Every little emotion can cause binge consuming. It can take a toll in your frame and in your pocket too.

Being an emotional eater, I’ve discovered to analyze and adapt some gear to wreck my meals addictions. One factor that helped are my love for memes.

Here is my pressure consuming meme checklist. I am hoping you might have a laugh!

School Can Be Stressful

Finals Week

Me Dealing With My Grades

Me, When My Mother Talks To Me About School

I’m Not

I’m Anxiously Hungry Now

Can Stress Eating Be A Work Out?

Maybe  If I Eat

My Job Supports My Stress Eating

Stress Eating

“Stressed” VS “Desserts”

Too Much Stress

Me Stress Eating About Losing Weight

My Favorite Stress Eating Meme

When You Get Sad Because You Eat So You Eat More

Did we remove your pressure? Go proportion with buddies and provides them slightly of fun.

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