14 Memes About Red Lipstick, Nudes, And More

14 Memes About Red Lipstick, Nudes, And More


Makeup is an very important for plenty of trendy ladies. It makes them really feel assured about their appears to be like. For some, it’s like an armor towards the sector.

Red lipstick, specifically, feels specifically empowering. It makes you are feeling like one badass feminine who can struggle thru anything else the sector comes to a decision to pit towards you on a regular basis.

Yet what generally is a supply of self assurance will also be somewhat making an attempt. Scroll thru those lipstick memes and spot if you’ll be able to relate.

What You Think You Look Like

actually lipstick meme

Bitches Be Like

bad lipstick meme

Black Lipstick

black lipstick meme

When You’ve Been Daydrinking Since Noon

daydrink lipstick meme

Uses Lipstick

first lipstick meme

Eating Food With Lipstick On

food lipstick meme

When You Find

found lipstick meme

When You Reapply You Lipstick

martinis lipstick meme

How Matte Looks

matte lipstick meme


nope lipstick meme

When He Says

nudes lipstick meme

When Mac Lipstick Goes On Sale

sale lipstick meme

What You Think You Look Like In Red Lipstick

think lipstick meme

There Is A Special Place In Hell

woman lipstick meme

So what those lipstick memes taught us as of late is inform a chum if she’s were given lipstick on her enamel the following time.

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